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Article: Which glasses for which face?

Quelles lunettes pour quel visage ?

Which glasses for which face?


Choose your frames according to the shape of your face.

Have you ever struggled to choose the shape of your glasses frames ?

If the choice of lenses depends on a very specific need – sunglasses or anti-blue light / anti-screen glasses for example -, choosing the shape of your glasses does not a priori follow such a simple principle.

What criteria should guide your purchase? The shape of your eyebrows? Your haircut? In reality, this choice must be made above all according to the shape of your face.

In this article, the L'ŒIL DE TOKYO team guides you so that you can find the shape of frames that will suit you best, depending on the shape of your face.

Different face shapes:

Although it varies a lot from one individual to another, the shape of your face generally falls into one of these 8 categories :

The different face shapes Tokyo Eye

Round faces:

The round face is as long as it is wide . People with round faces have a rounded chin, a spherical bone structure, and low cheekbones.

Oval faces:

The oval face is similar to the round face . Only it is longer than it is wide.

Square faces:

The square face is characterized by very pronounced maxillae - the jaw bones - . It is as long as it is wide. A rectangular face is to a square face what an oval face is to a round face.

Inverted Heart/Triangle Faces:

The face is rather wide at the level of the forehead and the brow bone , the chin is pointed.

The diamond/diamond faces:

The diamond face is unusual: the forehead and chin are thin , contrasting with prominent cheekbones .

How do I know the shape of my face?

If you don't immediately fall into one of the above categories, you can determine it by looking at your facial features in a mirror:

  • A round chin indicates a round or oval face , the length of your face is up to you.
  • A square, pronounced chin is characteristic of a square or rectangular face .
  • A pointed chin is synonymous with an inverted triangular or diamond shape. The width of your forehead lets you choose.

Similarly, observe the pronunciation of your cheekbones, the shape of your forehead, the length of your face (from scalp to chin) and compare it with its width. You will easily find out which category(ies) you belong to.

Which glasses for which face?

Now that you know your face shape, here are some tips :

Disclaimer : Warning! This guide is intended to help you choose, but above all not to choose for you! If the pair you like is – on paper – not suitable for your face, choose it anyway: the originality and the aura of confidence that you will give off will always be preferable to wearing a pair with which you don't. are not yourself.

Round faces:

Our recommendation: The features of a round face are soft. The idea is to contrast with these with elongated Butterfly or Pantos shaped frames .

Beware of round frames , which will emphasize the roundness of your face without creating contrast.

Oval faces:

Our recommendation: An oval face is versatile , and even considered ideal . Any frame will do, as long as it matches the rest of your look!

Long and oblong faces:

Our recommendation: To reduce the length of your face, the idea is to wear a frame that will spread out across the width . Glasses with oval or rectangular frames (in width) will give harmony to your face.

Beware of frames that are too high or not wide enough.

Square and rectangular faces:

Our recommendation: The angularity and straight features of square to rectangular faces give them a certain firmness .

In this case, it is a question of softening this thanks to round or oval frames , or even "aviator" shaped frames, preferably rather thin.

Beware of branches that are too wide , and rectangular frames that will not highlight your face as much.

man and woman with glasses for square faces

Inverted heart and triangle faces:

Our recommendation: We prefer a Butterfly or Pantos frame: these shapes will allow you to assert the chin and blur the top of your face.

Beware of front bars that are too wide : these will accentuate the shape of your face in an unattractive way.

The diamond and diamond faces:

A rhombus – or diamond – face is rough cut, angular : it is therefore advisable to wear frames with generous curves : round , oval or even butterfly .

Your cheekbones are prominent : large lenses will bring balance to the composition of your face.

woman with glasses for rhombus faces

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